The journey begins….(Caryl)


So who would have thought this was on the cards?  I didnt – certainly nothing I wished for – and yet I know that besides the joy of giving birth to my own precious little girl, this will the second most incredible thing that will happen in my life….I can’t wait to start…..

So how did I get here.  Well divine intervention I guess.  Sound superspiritual??  Probably…but there is no other way to describe how it started.  A friend at work told me her journey of trying to have a baby – it seemed a very sad tale and my heart broke for this girl who clearly would be  the most wonderful mother.  She did a very good job of pretending that she was at peace with “God’s Will” that she would not be able to have children of her own – I knew it wasnt God’s Will.

A few months later she shared with me that she and her husband were considering surrogacy and had joined an agency who would search for an apppropriate surrogate.  I was happy for her because I saw hope reflected in her eyes.  Just a very few short months after that, she told me that the agency had closed and yet again, I saw and felt the hopelessness that she would hold her own baby in her arms.  It was in that moment that I knew that I had to be that surrogate.


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