The journey begins….the legal process (Caryl)


So in the back of my mind, I kept thinking “well, this is probably going to take a while”.  But I have come to realise that when God is behind something, there aint no stopping Him.  I had thought and prayed about it for a couple of days and then chose the first Monday morning after my decision was confirmed to tell her.  What was the confirmation you may ask?  Well it was a hospital visit to a friend who had just given birth to twins.  Her twins were doing ok although they had had to spend a few nights in ICU as they were VERY prem.  The “confirmatory moment” for me was when this girl expressed her frustration at not being able to hold her babies – it was in that instant that I heard God say to me “And that’s how Sian has been feeling”.  So, that being the only confirmation I needed,  I told Sian that I would be the surrogate if she was still serious about going through with surrogacy.  Which of course, she at first could not quite believe, but then very quickly accepted my offer with incredulous thanks – and of course I saw hope reflected once more.  At this point, I’m still thinking “well, step one, but the rest will probably take a while”.  It was two days later that Sian had been in contact with the doctor, the lawyers, the psychologist, the previous agency – even a current “commissioning parent” (legalese for parents needing a surrogate) – a lady who had been through the “surrogacy” process for the last 7 years !!!!!!  Needless to say, a week later, we find ourselves in the attorneys office.  Wow!

Definitely a bit daunting – but that’s always because lawyers ALWAYS have to go to the scary place – the “have-to-consider-the-worst-case-scenario” place.  I do believe that for anyone wanting to go through the process who was even a little uncertain, might just want to reconsider after going to “that place”.

But it was a very sweet, gentle and wise lady who is going to be the attorney to draw up all the legal documents and I left feeling even more assured that we were still on the exciting  journey of “meeting molly”.  (After today I realised it could just be “meeting Molly AND Michael” – but hey, that’s up to God……he he).


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