The journey takes a detour (Sian)


Hello – Sian here, the commissioning Mom.  Our dear surrogate, Caryl, accompanied me to the new fertility doc the other day and boy were we thrown a huge curveball.  Our plans for surrogacy cannot be put to the High Court (as yet) – whaaat?! 

You see, our fertility treatments thus far have been a mix of traditional and alternative treatments and apparently the courts are still made up of men in stiff shirts starched in the traditional way – in other words our alternative treatments aren’t recognised in court.  We had also not tried IVF for ourselves as yet because the lining of my uterus was too thin to maintain a pregnancy – so why waste +R30 thousand on a treatment that would simply lead to more heartache?!   Anyhoo, things have changed and it appears my lining is now a viable thickness – I hear angels singing – and the doc is happy to proceed with IVF on me first 🙂 (should this fail, surrogacy is back on the table). 

I must warn you – it was not all smiles when the doc first pronounced the good news.  Why?  Well, anyone who has been down this rocky road of infertility before knows the frustrations of starting over with ANOTHER doctor who feels HE can “fix” you.  You grow tired of trying treatment after treatment and just when you decide one route is the way to go (I felt surrogacy was IT) this too get’s taken from you.  But after much ranting and raving and venting and sighing and releasing it all to the Lord I had to chuckle at our Lord’s clever plan for getting me to this point.  I would probably NEVER have gone to another doc for another treatment, and would most probably NEVER have considered IVF a viable option for myself.  How was our Lord ever going to get me there?  Caryl, my dear surrogate. 

So the IVF plan is down and booked.  Right down to the date they will harvest my eggs and implant the embryos…when???  I’ll save that for another post (gotta love cliff-hangers). 

Please hold our dear surrogate in prayers and thanks.  This marvelous lady has brought us to this point of hope – the hope of carrying our own child!  Thanks my friend and God bless you for your generosity and kindness shown to this couple who are simply fumbling their way through the emotional journey of infertility.


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