Word from the eggspert


So today the good Doctor telephoned to give us our blood and other results – from samples taken a couple of weeks back.  All good news for Gary (hoorah!) but not great news for me (no surprise). 

It appears my AMH levels confirm the Doc’s suspicions about my dwindling egg supply. For those in the know of all things fertility related – AMH is like the old FSH test, only more advanced.  Basically, this test pics up hormones that indicate what is happening with my follicles and egg supplies.  A normal reading should range anywhere from a level 2 to a level 6 and anything below 1.1 is considered very low / undetectable.  My level was read as 0.29 – what?!?!?!  Shocker.  The Doc is concerned which immediately gets me freaked out.

It confirms that we are in dangerous territory when it comes to my egg supply and that we need to move swiftly, time is running out.  Another concern with this is that the lower the AMH level, the less my body is likely to react to the stimulatory drugs which will produce more eggs for harvesting.  In other words I don’t have many eggs left and am not likely to even produce enough when it comes time to harvest – we may not be able to harvest enough to freeze for future use never mind enough for one shot at implanting.

It’s all rather complicated – but at the end of the day this is just another reason to move quickly.  We now pray for enough eggs for implanting and (please Lord) enough to freeze for another shot (should the first attempt fail) or for future use (should we have success and want another child in a couple of years time). 

This is devastating news … but we trust and obey.  Perhaps this is simply our Lord’s way of saying “Watch what I can do with so little”


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