The funny side of it all…


Nothing is ever conventional when it comes to fertility treatments!  I saw this poster this morning and had such a laugh I nearly split my sides (not a great idea for someone trying to get pregnant!)


I can see this getting me through the next few months…how?  I don’t quite know; it’s hard to explain how this poster works for me.  Three reasons spring to mind, for starters I have to wean myself off caffeine.  Those who know me well, know that coffee (more so than tea) is as much my lifetime companion as my dear hubby is (even he will agree)…


Seriously, I have a sign at work AND at home that reads:


So the caffeine is out *sniff-sniff* and the decaf is in (at the very least I’ve comforted myself with a fine roast of organic decaf espresso – this girls gotta have something)

The second reason the poster works for me is the whole sex thing – or the fact that sex now has NOTHING to do with the “Making Molly” plan.  I can’t tell you how bizarre it is to “book appointments” for doctors to put Molly into my womb!

The third reason I love this poster is that it includes the hard core IVF stuff – DRUGS!  Yip, I officially have those now and start the whole drug-taking-habbit on 17 June 2012.  Seriously though, these drugs are hardcore – hypodermic needles and all!  But more on that in another post…soon. 

I love that poster and with this whole IVF thing, I gotta love something that gets me giggling – even if it is a little cheeky.  I think I might have to get it blown up onto canvas for my dressing room!  What do you think?

Oh … and one more for the day – come on now, sing along with me…



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  1. Ha ha ha – we at Country Ground Coffee totally endorse this post. We would love to supply you with only the best tasting organic decaff coffee – and you know what, if you need a little “rock ‘n roll”, I am sure we can organise that too!! Hey, this is a joyous occasion and whatever puts a smile on the dial, c’est la vie!!! Blessings and hope that the caffeine “hangover” is worth all the IVF shots!

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