Dates without candlelight or romance


So my “dates” are provisionally booked for drugs, harvesting and implanting.  Most people have romantic dates to get preggies – I have dates with doctors 🙂

The druggie habit kicks off 17 June 2012, and will continue up to two days before they harvest my eggs.  The drugs I have are supposed to start boosting and preparing my uterus for implanting.   These are injections I am to give myself daily, like clockwork.  The mere thought of having to inject myself totally freaks me out.  However this really is the best option.  To ask anybody else (even my dear hubby) to do this for me means that taking my “must-take-like-clockwork-without-fail” drugs is dependant on someone else whose movements I cannot control!  I realised very quickly that I would have to put my big-girl-boots on and simply do it myself.  Of course I say this now, but we shall see come the 17th

The next “date with the doc” is 9 July 2012.  Here he will scan me and take blood to check that the drugs I take from the 17th are working satisfactorily and that my body is responding well to them.  If this goes well, I am then given MORE drugs to take home that will start stimulating my ovaries to produce more eggs.  This second batch of drugs is the KICK-ASS batch that generally make me feel awful (dizzy, headaches, blurred vision, etc.) so am praying already that I will be free from these side-effects.  I took similar stimulatory drugs (clomid) very early on in our infertility journey so I kinda know what I’m in for on this batch. Following this appointment on the 9th, I am then to go into the docs rooms every 2 days for monitoring (scans and blood tests)

If all goes well with the monitoring and my body is still responding the way it should, then the next big date with the doc (and an anaesthetist) is 21 July 2012 – to have my eggs harvested.  Gary will submit a sample at the same time and we wait 2 days before they implant those fertilised eggs into me – so implanting is booked for 23 July 2012 – the biggest and most exciting date with the doc.  Again, assuming all goes well, we then wait and pray for an early August 2012 positive pregnancy test. 

This is the précis version of how it all goes down.  There are a lot of “ifs – if all goes well” and we fervently pray that my body responds and does what the doc needs it to do – yeah this is where I start giggling nervously as my body is notoriously BAD at doing what it should do when fertility matters are at play.

We’ll totally keep you informed as we go back and forth to the doc over the next 6 weeks.  Keep your prayers firing up and calling for baby dust to rain down on our home.


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