His Word – impatient to start


Don’t be impatient for the Lord to act! Keep traveling steadily along His pathway and in due season He will honour you with every blessing, and you will see the wicked destroyed.  Psalm 37:34

Ignore for now the whole wicked being destroyed bit.  God told me this morning to capture this piece of His word on our blog.  Why? Because His word speaks to us and I don’t want to forget a thing of how He has spoken to Gary and me during our infertility journey.

This passage came to me the day we went to collect my drugs (1 June 2012).   I was wondering if I shouldn’t start the drugs earlier as my cycle had appeared to start a couple of days earlier than expected (I was scheduled to start the drugs on 4 June 2012).  As it turns out, when we were there they also thought I should start earlier – that day in fact!  I felt relieved to get the ball rolling and thus be officially on the IVF programme.  Then 5 minutes later the doc changed his mind and decided to get me onto the drugs only in 3+ weeks time!! 

I was shocked and frustrated and have been frustrated by this since, for a couple of reasons but mostly because I really want to get started with the IVF treatment – the sooner we get going the sooner we get results kinda logic.  This is crazy thinking as either way, the harvest and implanting days remain the same so I don’t know why I should rush to take drugs which I am nervous about taking anyway *sigh* – as Gary points out, at least there are less days now that I have to self-inject myself.  I had at one stage even requested that the doc phone me so that I can ask him if he is SURE that I should start the drugs so late – then I remembered this passage of scripture and it reminded me to hold my horses.  I called off the request for the doc to call me and left it in God’s hands – He does, after all, know best!

I am still waiting to start the drugs although it is not long now, I start Sunday, 17 June 2012, and I feel assured that this is all His plan.


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  1. Waiting is NEVER easy and my goodness you and Gary have had more than your fair share of dissapointment and waiting and waiting. I pray that this waiting will all be worthwhile and that our Lord and Saviour answers all our prayers for you. Thank you for keeping this blog updated! Lots of love, Mum.

  2. Patience – not always the easiest thing…EVER!!! You will look back at this time when you have your sweet baba in your arms and marvel at all the incredible things you learnt (about a lot of things – but especially yourself) and you will see how your Abba Dad developed in you that “fruit of the spirit” which you really didnt you had before….. Hang in there lovey!!

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