A lummy on my tummy…


So there I was, all big brave girl with my “big girl boots on” (as I like to put it), so chuffed that I was managing the daily injections and then this happened…

I even had the blue-grey pants on to match!

Yip folks, that is a big fat BRUISE. 

I don’t know what I did wrong that is IF I even did anything wrong.  I think it is just that I am now two weeks into injecting and am probably going over old injection holes and the poor tummy is in revolt (as though it has only now woken up to the fact that it is being jabbed by a sharp metallic object daily).  It’s now getting more difficult for me to do this as it seems sore, or at the very least sensitive, everywhere around the belly button. 

To my additional shock, my current batch of needles are running out which means I will soon have to move onto the extra needles the nurses gave me and I’ve noticed that these are slightly thicker than the ones I am currently using – eek! 

No pain, no gain, right?  I am now looking for even bigger BIG GIRL BOOTS to wear!


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