One (little) breath at a time


Again, I spoke too soon a week ago when I said that there were no major side effects to the drugs I am on.

Right there I began tickling Murphy’s Law, I should’ve seen this coming.   The side effects I am currently experiencing are mostly very sore ribs, the back of my neck is sore (along the top of the spine) and into my head which, no surprise, is also sore.  It’s the sore ribs that mostly get to me, as breathing deeply is not an option – no good yawns for me at 05h30 when I take my drugs *sigh* (again not too deeply).  At least I am not experiencing mood swings or hormonal imbalances (serious, ask Gary, it’s a blessing).  Instead I am simply a little, whimpering hen who needs lots of stroking and GENTLE hugs. 

I am praying fervently that I can keep being brave and strong, because Monday will present further challenges.  All going well, on Monday I should start an additional batch of drugs (stimulatory drugs that are also to be injected daily, grrr) and if this one drug is getting me down now can you just imagine how pathetic I will be next week.  Gotta get on top of this mole hill now before the koppie comes my way.  

You gotta take the good with the bad as they say and so I am hanging in there, putting up a good fight against the pain, “mind over matter” as my Mum always says, and keeping my eye on the prize that awaits us at the end of all this.  Any one else know of someone who’s been through similar (or different) side-effects from these drugs?  Would love to hear from you.


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  1. Hang in there – thinking of you so much and will give you a big gentle hug on Monday. As I said to Laura before her op – short term pain for long term gain. So much easier to say when it is not happening to me! lol

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