Green light and crocodile tears


We have the green light! We are a go with the next drugs.  God is on the move with us and we are hugely relieved.

It was an emotional day.  It started with the trip into Durban, although it is only about 100km one way it always seems longer.  The city noises and smells smack us hard and we are reminded how quickly we’ve become country bumpkins – we couldn’t get outta there fast enough.  Then the loooooong wait for the doc who was running close on 2 hours late – of course they don’t phone and tell you this ahead of time.  My blood was taken by the nurses on site and I don’t know what the nurse did but I am so bruised and sore where she inserted the needle that it still hurts *sigh* another lummy.  And finally the doctor – who seemed totally baffled by my side effects and even more baffled by the fact that I had no side effects that are common with the drugs.  He asked me if I was an “earthling” as I am most unusual (I attribute it to God that I am not experiencing all of those side effects – hallelujah).  It appears that all that rib pain is water retention and the water moves sometimes to my hips and often to my ankles – hurts like crazy.  He did an ultrasound to check me out and at the same time confirm that I am retaining water.  Still, no solution to this side-effect but to suck it up (not literally) and bear it.  There was a moment’s worry during the ultrasound when the doc thought that I might perhaps be developing a cyst, I was certain that this was not the case, as the Lord would not allow this to delay the process, and praises be the blood work came back showing we were all clear – whew! 

The crocodile tears came thereafter though.  I met with a nurse who gave me my next drugs – never mind one extra drug , she gave me 4 of them, seriously!  2 more injection types and 2 pill types.  I will have to post more on those as I cannot recall what they all are but they had me totally freaked.  What really brought on the tears (yes, I did cry, as brave as I have been I broke down at this point) was the one injection that I am to take on alternate days – the needle is BIG, seriously, even Gary will confirm that it is rather big.  This I am to inject into my thigh or bum.  I tried to be brave and say that I will do it but when the nurse did it for me yesterday, into my thigh, I nearly passed out with pain.  It’s a no-go self-injection option.  I panicked all the way home trying to think of a nurse I could call on to do this one for me every other day but my hero came for me, my dear hubby.  He has pulled on his big-cowboy boots and will do it for me.  I am scared but trust him and am grateful that he has the guts to do it for me.

So, the extra drugs all started yesterday and I am to see the doc again on Thursday morning and Saturday morning and then throughout next week.  One appointment at a time to check that my hormones are still on track.  Harvesting and implanting are still provisionally booked for next weekend (21-23 July).

I remain in shock at the amount that I am pumping into my wee body.  I am nervous at the thought of that injection coming tomorrow but I keep reminding myself that God has gone ahead of me, he’s already there, I’m just tripping along to reach his waiting arms.


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