Back, back, forth and forth…


Anyone remember that tune from the 90’s…?  No?  Just me?  Ah well, it has been going around in my head as I spin back and forth from my check-ups with the good doc. 

Following the green light and crocodile tears of Monday, I went back for another check up with the doc yesterday and again we have a beautiful green light.  We appear to have 3 follicles at this stage (these hold an egg each) and one of them is rather large which he said he will have to keep his eye on.  We need more follicles but these will come.  Apart from that he is amazed at how well I am doing as I told him NO side effects (even the water retention pains have subsided) – hallelujah!  I did proceed to tell him that this was a result of prayer – he just chuckled. 

He prescribe one extra pill a day of one of the drugs I am on and I am to stay on the same dosages of the others.  It’s all good, Gary does most of my injections now which is GREAT bonding stuff for us and he is so good with them it’s like his secret talent 🙂  He may not be a knight in shining armour but he’s MY knight in scruffy p-j’s and bed-hair – I love him.

So back to the doc AGAIN tomorrow morning for another check to see that all is on track – keep up the prayers!


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