We’re getting hotter…


When I was a child, my parents used to help us find our Easter Eggs hidden in the garden by telling us whether we were getting hotter or colder, i.e. closer to or further away from the chocolate surprise.  It might not be chocolate eggs we are after this week but we are seeking eggs nonetheless.  And if our IVF journey were to be guided in a similar way, we would be getting pretty hot right now.


We saw the doc again on Saturday morning and my body is being amazingly cooperative.  All is going well and the doc was happy which continues to boost my happiness – considering all the hormone inducing drugs I am on it is a marvel that I am so chipper.  The doc is still keeping a beady eye on my one follicle which is larger than the others and this follicle will determine the harvesting date.  It appears we have about 4 or 5 now (including the big one).  Harvesting and implanting were estimated to take place on 21 and 23 July respectively, however the doc has now indicated that harvesting is likely to be this Thursday, 19 July or Friday, 20 July at the latest.  Yippee!  If they harvest Thursday, then implanting will be Saturday.  If they harvest Friday, then they will implant on Monday (they don’t really work Sundays and there needs to be a two-day gap at least from harvest to implanting).  So kinda praying it will be Thursday as then I can get back to work on Monday after a nice rest on the Sabbath.

I am still feeling great!  And speaking of getting hotter I am still not feeling any major side effects apart from getting very hot when I sleep.  This is so not normal for me, I usually get colder in my sleep.  Hot is good though, I need to be a good incubator for my eggs.  As my previous fertility doc used to say “only hot chicks get pregnant”.

I’ve also managed to chat to a couple of girls at the clinic who are at the same stage as me in this IVF journey.  These are gorgeous women who are also being so brave and trusting in God.  I keep them in prayer and will keep in touch with one of these ladies as she and her hubby live not far from us and she and I shared a recovery room about 8 weeks ago when we first saw the doctor and had to undergo an exploratory procedure in hospital.  It is a great comfort to share experiences with those in the same boat and then learn together that we can walk on the water of this journey, so long as we keep our eyes on Jesus.

I see the doc again tomorrow – he will then confirm exactly when harvesting will be!  We are just so excited 🙂


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