A reality check…


Good news – the harvesting procedure is BOOKED for this Friday, 20 July 2012, at 7am. Yeeeeeehaaaaah!  We are so excited. 

Yesterday saw my final consult with the doc before harvesting.  The doc was happy and we saw at least 4 good follicles.  The doc gave me my final script of drugs to see me through these last couple of days – MORE injections.  As for implanting, the doc will monitor the fused eggs and their development over 3-5 days post harvesting and advise closer to the time, he has indicated that it will be either Tuesday or Wednesday next week.

All has gone so smoothly that I guess in some way I relaxed and wondered what I had been so worried about.  But then we had a reality check hit us last night.  A dear lass I have been in touch with, who is at a similar stage to me on this IVF journey, had her check up late yesterday and was not given the go-ahead for harvesting.  Her follicles have not responded well enough to the drugs and are not stimulated sufficiently.  The doc has told her to take 2 months off and they will try again in September.  September?!  Whaaaat?!  That’s MONTHS away?!  My heart bled for her…

I looked at Gary, after reading him the news she had sms-ed me, and said (more as a statement of praise than relief) “We are just so blessed!”  Lord, thank you!  It was a stark reminder that IVF is a complicated and emotional journey where success is NEVER guaranteed.  We are so blessed to be at a point in our journey where I am feeling healthy and happy and we are in a good place emotionally, spiritually and physically and my body is responding positively to the drugs.  A miracle in itself.

I hold this dear lady in prayer.  There is NOTHING I can say to ease her pain and immense frustration.  To think that she will have to go through all these injections and drugs and appointments again in a couple of months time…

I am thankful and so humbled that God has placed his hand of protection on me in this regard.  I am nervous about Friday’s procedure (it involves general anaesthetic which my body is notoriously bad at recovering from) but I am more convinced than ever that God has brought me to this and he will get me through it.


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