We’re off to see the wizard…doctor


It’s time for me to shut down my computer for the day and hold down the butterflies that are mounting for tomorrow’s procedure – the big harvesting of my eggs.

We are so excited that we have reached this point and that all is looking and feeling great.  It feels a bit like something out of the Wizard of Oz, going to see the wonderful doc who will perform a small wonder in retrieving my eggs for fertilisation.  Gary will have to submit a sample at the same time but luckily for him he has no anaesthetic involved.  We then hold our breath all weekend praying the little fertilized eggs will divide and multiply and grow into healthy blastocysts for implanting.

I won’t lie, I am nervous, and I am praying fervently for strength and a positive approach to the whole going-into-theatre-and-under-general-anaesthetic thing.  I don’t have ruby slippers but I will be clicking my heals three times, snappy-like, to get home after the procedure.

I’ll update you all on Monday when I get back to my computer on how it all goes down.  God bless.


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  1. Hi Sian

    It’s Kim here, I met you yesterday in recovery! Can’t wait to hear how it all goes for you, what a journey, one i am just embarking on! God bless and thanks for helping me to pour my tea!

    • Hey there Kim! So lovely to hear from you. Absolute pleasure to be your tea gal. How are you holding up? All is fab our side and we are just so excited. It can be such a gruelling journey this whole IVF thing, my only tip is do not take it too seriously, keep it light and fun and seek a really good support structure (oh and get your hubby onto administering your injections when they come, it really helps you both to feel part of the process). Keep me posted on your progress and drop a line, anytime. Much love.

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