Hello from the 3 of me…


Helloooo!  What a whirlwind the past week has been.  It’s crazy to think that it was a week ago that I signed-off from the blog in order to go to the doc on Friday for the big harvest.  A lot has happened.

Firstly – the harvest:  The doc harvested 3 eggs from me which was at the time disappointing.  I had hoped they would get 4 or 5.  But the Lord knows best and 3 seemed like a Godly number.  1 of the 3 had not developed properly so only 2 healthy eggs remained.  The embryologist added Gary’s sample to the eggs and we waited with bated breath to see if they both fertilised.  This is NOT guaranteed.  Sometimes, when the sperm are added to the dish housing the eggs, they all just stand around looking at each other and nobody making a move.  It’s a bit like teenagers at a school dance, where the boys just stand around and watch the girls dance.  God be praised though, Gary’s fellas had more guts than teenage boys and marched right up to my little lady eggs and jumped on in there for a tango.  We had two healthy, fertilised embryos!  The embryologist, Kinnon, was wonderful, he kept us updated on Saturday and Sunday on our embryos’ developments.  Kinnon’s such an eccentric, he’d say things like “I told your babies that Mummy and Daddy phoned and send lots of love” or “I’ve washed and fed your babies and they miss their Mummy and Daddy”.  SERIOUSLY.  This guy is passionate about his work and we felt so assured of his best intentions.  He openly admitted that he will do his best but it is up to God to do the rest – our kinda embryologist 🙂

Secondly – the implanting:  By Saturday the little embryos were giving that tango such a wind that the embryologist called for my implanting to be done on Monday (the doc had originally thought to implant Tuesday or Wednesday).  Eeek!  So we quickly called our bosses to call for Monday off work and headed over there like eager parents to welcome our babas into my womb.  Gary was allowed to pull on some scrubs and head into theatre with me!  Here he is, looking all doctorish and handsome:

My knight in medical scrubs

The process was an experience we’ll never forget.  They showed us our two little embryos (now blastocysts in development stages) on a big screen and they were too precious – like two little brown bugs, wiggling and squiggling and just being busy bodies.  They then inserted them via a catheter and we watched the whole process on another screen.  Once they were in the womb we were given an ultrasound pic of them in their little bubble of liquid (looking mostly like a grain of rice).  Sadly I forgot the pic at home so will load it tomorrow.  We were told that the embryos were on day 5 of development and had reached blastocyst stage, even though technically they were only on day 3 – WOW!  Both the doc and the embryologist were excited and optimistic about their chance of making it – to God be the glory.

I was then ordered to rest for 48 hours to ensure the little fellas burrow into my uterus lining.  They actually have to hatch from their outer shell and then latch onto the lining – so we termed it “hatch and latch”.  We trust this has happened already and are praying both are hooked up to Mama.

So, I am back at work today and trying to take it easy (ha!).  We now hold out for 6th August 2012 when we go to the doc for the pregnancy test.  I’m also back on a daily injection, a large one in the butt (VERY painful) and a lot of pills to keep my hormone levels elevated.

THANK you all for your sms-es, thoughts and prayers.  God is AMAZING and we have so felt his presence in the past few days.  I’ll have to blog in a separate post on some of the amazing ways our Lord has worked in us.  This is a miracle in the making and WE ARE BLESSED.


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