The numbers game…God always wins!


When we started out down the IVF path some weeks back, we were told to think about the number of eggs we wanted implanted.  The most a doctor in Sout Africa can implant is 3 eggs,we could, however, choose to implant less. 

My initial reaction was to implant the max (three) as that would mean a greater chance of one (or two) to imbed and result in a positive pregnancy.  However, as always, I also prayed about this.  I remember very clearly in my prayers, when asking the Lord about the number to implant, he asked me how many babies we wanted out of this procedure.  I answered that we wanted two babies (twins).  He said quite simply then that this is the number we are to implant.  I of course was doubtful, I mean surely we go with the max, just to be sure?!  Pig-headedly I was sticking with the three option in my own mind (I also knew that God would probably decide this for us and leave us little choice in the end, but hey, at least I had made-up MY OWN mind).

God has a wonderful way of correcting our foolishness.  The harvesting of my eggs yielded three eggs – GREAT!  No need for Gary and me to decide how many to implant or how many to freeze (if there are more than three then this is an option) there are only three so we can go with those, woohoo!  This is where God starts chuckling.  Within minutes, the Embryologist advised us that one of the eggs had not been properly formed and was not a viable option.  Only two were going to be fertilised for implanting. 

God ALWAYS wins.

I am relieved though, as this indicates to me so clearly that our Lord’s hand is in this process.  Despite my occasional attempts to do things my way, He steers the course back to his plan.

There is a FANTASTIC saying: “If you want to make God laugh, tell him YOUR plans”.  God must think me a comedian 🙂


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