His Word … to us


Three posts in one day?!  Okay, so by now you can probably tell that I am STILL playing catch-up from those 4 days off work when we had the harvesting and implanting done.  Eek!  It was a crazy, busy, blessed time with so much support and encouragement from family and friends.  This is another piece of scripture we got JUST at the RIGHT time.

We came home from the implanting of 2 healthy blastocysts and in chatting, Gary mentioned that he (naturally) had some nerves about them not taking.  I too had these nerves but was doing my utmost to not think on them (positive thinking = positive results etc).  It was not even 5 minutes after we had shared these feelings with each other that God sent us word, again through Gary’s Aunt Rozie, as follows:

Overhearing what they said, Jesus told him, “Don’t be afraid; just believe.” (Mark 5: 36)

Hallelujah!  A strong reminder to keep our eyes on the Lord, just as Peter was told to keep his eyes on the Lord when walking on water, ignore the storm of doubts around and keep walking towards Him.


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