His Word … to us


As I recall, it was the day that my eggs were harvested that Gary’s Aunt Rozie sent us this word from our Lord:

 7 My holy city is like a woman who suddenly gives birth to a child without ever going into labor.8 Has anyone ever seen or heard of such a thing? Has a nation ever been born in a day? Zion will not have to suffer long, before the nation is born.9 Do not think that I will bring my people to the point of birth and not let them be born.
          The Lord has spoken.

 10 Rejoice with Jerusalem; be glad for her,
      all you that love this city!
   Rejoice with her now,
      all you that have mourned for her!
 11 You will enjoy her prosperity,
      like a child at its mother’s breast.

 12 The Lord says,
         I will bring you lasting prosperity; the wealth of the nations will flow to you like a river that never goes dry. You will be like a child that is nursed by its mother, carried in her arms, and treated with love.13 I will comfort you in Jerusalem, as a mother comforts her child.14 When you see this happen, you will be glad; it will make you strong and healthy. Then you will know that I, the Lord, help those who obey me, and I show my anger against my enemies. (Isaiah 66: 7-14)

It was such a blessing to us to read this that Friday evening and to still read it, regularly.  In this sometimes anxious time of waiting (for the big pregnancy test date on Monday, 6 Aug 2012) we have the need to keep affirming His word to us.  My favourite lines from this passage are: “Do not think that I will bring my people to the point of birth and not let them be born.  The Lord has spoken.”  Amen!


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