It’s the final countdown…


I have sooo got that Queen track playing in my head this afternoon.  It is now the final countdown of 3 days till we go back to the Doc for THE TEST.

Our pregnancy test date is set for Monday 6 August 2012.  It is quite simply that – a blood pregnancy test, there are no scans done and we don’t even get an appointment with the Doc.  This test won’t even indicate whether or not multiples are conceived – that will only come a couple of weeks after a positive test result when we would go in for a scan.  So for now – the blood test.

We’ve been told that we can go in anytime after 7am and we do not need to book an appointment for this.  We had initially thought to work half day and then nip off for the test in the afternoon.  Our thinkin was that going back to work afterwards would not be easy, no matter what the outcome.  However, the nurses would prefer to take my blood for the test no later than 2pm, so it really would be cutting it fine to get there on time (considering we live an hour away from the Dr’s rooms).  And then the what-ifs started playing-out … what if we hit traffic?  What if the lab experiences a backlog and says that it can only give us the results on Tuesday???  No ways!  We’ve waited long enough!  So, after those couple thoughts had finished playing-out in my mind and one quick chat to hubby thereafter, we swiftly decided to get there early (he wasn’t too worried either way, I’m more the worrier).

The Doc’s rooms open at 7am!  We will be there with our hearts in hand praying for our long awaited miracle … a positve pregnancy test.


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