Drawing me back into His arms


Last week Tuesday, I hopped into my car to head back to work after that awful Monday of the negative pregnancy test result – I had spent most of that Monday ranting and raving at God.  My Dad had sent me a sms on this particular morning warning me that I “might” encounter “some snow” en route to work so to be careful.  Some snow?

Yip, this was what I encountered half way on my trip to work.  The roads became treacherous VERY quickly and soon I had only a peep-hole to see through made by my car’s wipers (even the wipers had frosty beards – I’m amazed they kept going).

The above pic was taken later in the morning en route home (in an area where snow had not settled, so you can imagine how the windscreen had been earlier en route to work).  It really was very scary and I spent the last couple of km’s going to work driving at a speed of between 20 and 30km/h as my car had started waltzing on the icy roads.

I eventually made it to the school to be greeted by knee-deep snow.

I was told to get out while I can.  I replied that I had nearly killed myself sliding in!  I was told that I had then better “slide back out” before I couldn’t get out at all!  Eek!  So, I put my big-girl-boots on (called my hubby and Dad and wept like a school girl – both gave me the strength I needed) and climbed back into my popsicle of a car and slid out slowly.  The trip took me over an hour (normal time is 20 minutes) but by the grace of God ALONE, I made it without a slip or slide at all, I drove on solid ground even when I drove on ice.  It truly was a remarkable experience of God’s protection.  There were parts of the road that I should never have made it across. 

These pics below were taken once I reached home, they give you an idea of how my poor car had to manage being a motorized-popsicle, bear in mind that I had already covered the last 15km of my trip in no snow and been on the freeway where a lot of the snow on my car had blown off, amazing how much remained (note I had no more tread on my tyres as the snow had smoothed the tread out) –


The ice-bergs on my car bonnet and wipers:

Driving down the road to my home, I gave thanks as only a sinner can.  “Lord, I am so sorry for all the horrible things I said about you yesterday, I am such a weakling, I am so reliant on you, I cannot do anything without you, I would rather go through life without children and be in your presence than have children and not have you, forgive me father for my lack of faith!”  God knew EXACTLY what to do to get me back on track with him!  You’ve gotta marvel at his timing. 

There’s that fantastic Louie Giglio sermon on video called Indescribable and the theme song, sung by Matt Redman, has these lyrics in it “Who’s seen heavenly store houses laden with snow” – I have and it is AWESOME!


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