“An apple a day…”


I have a confession – ever since finding out that we are not pregnant, my whole eating-healthy-for-the-babies diet has gone waaaaay out the window.  Why not?  What’s the point in denying myself some good stuff when the best stuff (babas) has been denied me!  When on the programme I was eating like a fruit tree a day, I drank no coffee instead I drank copious cups of rooibos and started to suspect I was becoming a waterholic.  The old saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” rings true today – no apples = going back to the doctor.

Thankfully I am not ill so not going to the GP but we are going back to our fertility doc, tomorrow.  When I phoned earlier this week I was determined to book an appointment for a Saturday – to my horror I was told that the doc does not do post IVF appointments on Saturdays.  Whaaat?!  “But we can ONLY make it on a Saturday”  – I wailed to the receptionist “… my poor hubby has taken waaay too much leave from work as it is with the whole programme!”  She humoured me by telling me that they would pop my name down in the margins of the diary and let me know IF they get a cancellation, in which case they could then squeeze me in.  Hallelujah – they called yesterday to advise we have an appointment at 11am this Saturday.  Picture me doing the happy dance!

We really are hoping to give this whole IFV thing one more try, so we go tomorrow to find out the doc’s thoughts on our last programme and where we may have gone wrong, if we even went wrong.  Gary’s very keen to find out if the earlier diagnosis from previous fertility specialists of me not being able to maintain a pregnancy might still be true today, in which case surrogacy should still be on our cards.  Hopefully the doc can shed some light on the way forward.

To tell you the truth, I’m not in a hurry to get back on the healthy bandwagon just yet as I am loving my reckless diet of coffee (not that decaf stuff), chocolates by the slab (seriously), biscuits and all that other great stuff I’ve been off for far too long.  But if all goes well with the doc and we’re headed back down the IVF road, then it’ll be … apples and water and rooibos – oh my!


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