Some quiet time


As everyone knows, some “time-out” or “quiet-time” is a vital component of rest, relaxation and recuperation.  However this quiet-time before we start our next IVF programme is driving me crazy.

I guess I got so used to the frenzy that accompanied our last 3 months of IVF that I keep wondering when my next injection or pill should be.  This one-month time-off for my body to recover is crucial, and I am only now realising how much my body has been through since May this year.  In this month off I have already experience drug-withdrawal headaches (not sure it is withdrawals but it sure feels like it), fatigue and stomach cramps.  Granted, all these symptoms could be the side-effects of the  junk-food I have been eating of late.

It’s not all bad though, part of me IS enjoying the down time – mostly the part that reminds me that I don’t have to take daily drug injections.  The rest of me, however, is eagerly anticipating the start of our next programme.  I got so used to taking the drugs, eating regularly and planning my days and weeks according to the doctors programme that I now feel as though I am flapping around in a void of no purpose or direction.  I guess a good start would be returning to a healthy diet, or at least upping my water consumption again (I am not sure I can give up the caffeine and chocolate just yet).  Doing this may help me feel one step closer to starting the programme again. 

We’re only about a week away from starting again, so not a majorly long wait really.  In the meantime though – you can find me on a comfy chair in front of our fireplace (it’s still wintry here) with a strong cuppa coffee in hand and a chocolate bar on the coffee table … oh and I’d better throw in a bottle of water to keep things balanced *sigh*!


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  1. Junk food withdrawal maybe – but don’t forget your hormones are having their own little topsy turvy party – and there is nothing like chocolate to get over a hormone pity party! Love you girl!

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