When we were young…


In last week’s post, I pondered the idea of uploading a couple of Gary’s goth-boy-years photos.  Not that this has ANYTHING to do with fertility, or infertility for that matter (trust me, hair length has no power outside of the legendary story of Samson in the Bible) but it is good for a giggle, especially for a Monday.  So, here they are, the pics of my goth-boy hubby…

The above was taken I reckon in his university years.  But this one (taken after his studies when he was overseas in the UK) is my personal favourite:

He’s even wearing a tie!  Come on, how hot is that?!  I would totally have fallen for him had we met waaay back then.  Oh, and in case you’re wondering what that silver stripe is that looks rather like a silver pen stuck behing Gary’s ear, it’s only a staple, the pic was stapled into a passport.

Okay, so it wouldn’t be fair without me showing and telling all too, this old passport pic was taken around the time that Gary looked like my favourite pic above:

Look closely at my right eyebrow, spot the scribbly design there?  I was waaay alternative – I would henna designs onto my face – it would totally freak-out the conservative folk in my home town of Bloemfontein.  I did this right through my university years.

Amazingly, we were both overseas around the same time, in similar cities at the same time and never met.  Had we done so, we would probably have totally swooned over each other, however we were both dating others and were headed in totally different directions (I still had university studies to return to and he had finished studying and touring the globe).  So probably just as well we didn’t meet then, but had we met who knows where we would be now and how different life would have been.  Hmmm…what a couple we would have made, a goth-boy and hippie-gal 🙂

Nowadays, we look something like the pic below, both our hair styles have changed radically and we are both way greyer (although I am bottle blonde in this pic below I am in fact now all natural with a grey crop to match the hubby’s).

Times have changed, but on all levels, for the better.  He is still way hot and getting more swoon-worthy by the day.


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  1. I love these pics! Gary was sooo cute and I think you definitely would have been attracted to him way back when (ok, only joking about the “way back when part”). I loved your face “tattoos”, you had the most gorgeous one on my wedding day to match your outfit & in my fav colours!

    • Hey Carryn, he was almost american indian looking hey?! I cannot remember what I wore to your wedding but glad I got the colour right. It was such a lovely day and you looked so snazzy in your wedding outfit with matching hat!

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