Our first appointment…again


Tomorrow is our appointment with the doc.  It is our 1st appointment of this 2nd round of IVF treatment.  

I had planned to work half-day and get away in time for our 2pm appointment.  However the doc now has an emergency-theatre-thing (isn’t that always the case with an ob-gyn?) so our appointment has been moved to midday.  As we live over an hour away from the doc’s rooms, I will only be able to spend two hours at work tomorrow before I would have to rush off – crazy stuff, I therefore can’t apply for half-day leave as I won’t even be in the office for half a day.  So I am having to take the whole day off – bummer right?!  Ha ha ha.

I’m planning on spending a nice, relaxing morning tomorrow, flopping around the house in PJ’s before we head off to the doc.  We’re both really excited to find out what all this programme entails (we’re still not at all sure what the doc has planned for me this time around) and we’re also keen to know what he can see in my body tomorrow after only being on the drugs for 10 days.

I’ll fill you in on all the doc says on Monday when I’m back at my computer.  So for now, have a great weekend 🙂


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