A honeymoon weekend


Friday we saw the Doc and it went all too surprisingly well; so well in fact that I nearly landed up under anaesthetic for a harvesting of my eggs! 

Okay, let me back up a bit and break it down for you.  

The Doc was very surprised on Friday to see that I had 4 follicles growing (a follicle is basically a sack that houses and releases an egg).  Apparently the drugs I’ve been on should have been slowing my ovaries down?!   Anyhoo, he was so excited he even contemplated booking me for a harvest – which we were very excited to do.  We have 3 follicles on one side and 1 on the other.  Two of these follicles were a great size, which he said was very unusual (God be praised!), so he decided instead for a more natural procedure and advised us to try the natural route.  “The whaaat?” I said.  Oh dear, clearly I’ve been doing infertility measures for too long as I didn’t have a clue what he was talking about and figured this must be some other sort of procedure 🙂

We were given strict instructions to have a “honeymoon weekend” and were even given the timings for our romantic interludes.  The Doc feels confident that this is worth a shot and should it not work it won’t delay our initial plans of harvesting and implanting next month.  So it’s a win-win situation which had us smiling like naughty school kids.  We’ve got so used to being told NOT to have romantic dates that we felt rather mischievous this weekend resuming our marital rights.  Now this wasn’t simply an instruction to go home and be romantic, being romantic in the past has not got us any closer to being pregnant, nope, there is still some intervention as the Doc gave me extra drugs to take to ensure we give this a fighting chance.  He sent us home with an injection drug which I took last night and he prescribed some of his “cocktail” drugs which I started with on Saturday.  Also, instead of moving onto the orange and red pills of the drugs I am currently on, he’s prescribed me to stay on the white pills.  Every day at 1pm, I pop 4 pills, which may seem a lot but compared to the number of injections I was taking daily on our previous IVF attempt this is a breeze.

We will need to pop back to the Doc next Wednesday, 19 September, for a Progesterone blood test.  My guess is he will see where my levels are at and add to or adjust his “cocktail” to help me keep going.  All going well, we will then see the Doc again on 28 September for a pregnancy test. 

To be honest, I think I am in a bit of shock with this approach.  I cannot quite believe that the Doc has prescribed this route.  It’s wonderful and such a refreshing change.  We almost come to expect that fertility docs will push for an expensive and invasive route; I am so happy my Doc is not like this. 

We have nothing to lose with this.  We had a lovely weekend and are so enjoying being close again, as God intended us to be.  Time will tell if it works but if it doesn’t – at least we’ve had fun!


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