More P’s and Q’s


Following our appointment on Saturday we were instructed to go the nearby labs for some blood test.  MORE blood tests!  Another P4 (progesterone), an HCG (pregnancy) and a CA125 (I was told to check my endometriosis levels).  The results came back yesterday. 

The preggers one came as no surprise, negative – they only did this test to be sure before we considered laparoscopic surgery or any other treatments.  The Progesterone test showed my levels as waaaaay low reading a piddly 1.6 (remember it was at a 10 the other day).  And the CA125 test revealed a score of a normal rating of 17.  

Of course being the type A personality who investigates EVERYTHING I immediately Googled the heck out of that CA125 thing as I was rather familiar with the other tests but wanted to know more about how this test revealed info about endometriosis.  To my shock I discovered that this was actually a cancer marker test for ovarian cancer – whaaat?!  To be honest, I was not totally surprised that they didn’t tell me it was a test for this, as they obviously did not want to scare me (especially considering that we would have to wait 3 days for the results – over a weekend and a public holiday) but I was way shocked that I had even gone in for a cancer test.  The Doc was obviously just being thorough and cautious with my cysts and checking to see how much of concern they could be even if it was unlikely that they were cancerous.  BIG relief I must tell you.  Still, it shocked me to think I had even gone into the labs for a cancer screening test. 

This is not the first time that I have been taken by surprise like this.  I guess the Docs don’t like to tell us too much.  For instance, most of the drugs I get given I am told are for the lining of my uterus – seriously most of the drugs I have taken have been for this “apparently”.  Only when I read the leaflet or Google do I discover exactly how it functions – type A investigative nature always at play.  I like to know what I am taking and what it is for.  I guess it could be information-overload for some and I can appreciate why the Doc and his nurses exercise discretion when we ask what these are for. 

We’ll keep minding our P’s and Q’s and knowing me, there will always be more Q’s than P’s – thank goodness for Google!


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