In the pink – test results in


Yesterday I had the much anticipated call from the nurses to tell me of my results for all my recent tests.  Aparently I am in the pink of health 🙂

The biopsies on my cysts showed no malignancies, purely cystic fluid and tissues so no worries there – HALLELUJAH!  What a relief.  Although the Doc had said that they did not appear to be a concern one still worries and thankfully they are thorough and did the tests regardless.  Remember, I have not had cysts before so simply having them was enough of a bother never mind the thought of possibly having malignant cysts. 

I also had to do a test for infections (for sexual diseases to be honest) as my one fallopian tube showed an infection.  I had told the Doc and nurses that there was no way I could have a sexual disease but you can understand that they cannot take our word for it, we have to prove it.  And the results did just that – negative for any of the diseases.  I still don’t know what the infection is about but it is obviously nothing too serious and the antibiotics I’ve been taking after the op should nail it anyway. 

All that remains now is to wait for my next cycle to kick in at which point I will phone the IVF Programme Coordinator at the Clinic to advise of my start date for the next programme.  Just sooo excited!


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