It never rains but it pours!


So it is a rainy day here and I’ve further complications to share 😦 

Saturday saw me at the GP (general family doc).  Shortly after my op I noticed bumps coming up on my tummy.  I thought nothing of them and figured it was a reaction of sorts and that they would go away soon enough.  No luck, they have spread to my arms, legs, buttocks – woah!  It was at this point that I thought to investigate.  I telephoned the nurses at the fertility Doc’s offices first, just to check I wasn’t being paranoid and if this might perhaps be something typical following the procedure, and they too advised me to go to our GP. 

The GP had a good look and said it may be an allergy but he thinks it is more likely a parasitic thing.  Looks like bug bites.  He even suggested that it may be Scabies!  Whaaat?!  I thought that had died out with Scurvy or something but apparently it is quite common and easily picked up.  Bummer!  I was so embarrassed!  Gary thankfully hasn’t got it.  So off we went to the pharmacy to get the prescribed mooties (local word for meds) to remedy my uncomfortable situation.  A spray on oil for the bugs (which are microscopic and under my skin) and pills for any allergies.  R400.00 later I was in tears – I had specifically mentioned to the doc that I hoped the meds wouldn’t be expensive and he said they wouldn’t be, boo hoo!  Clearly doctors still earn way more than the rest of us.  The medical aid denied it (funds exhausted) so we paid cash (or my credit card to be more precise). 

You should have seen me yesterday – an oily passed out body in a bath robe and socks!  Seriously.  I had to spray the “bug fumigator” all over my body (I mean EVERYWHERE) and leave it on for 12 hours (so had decided to do it on Sunday when I was home and could flop around in next to nothing).  Unfortunately the weather turned wet and cold so I had to don a bathrobe and slippers – so sexy!  Then the pills for the allergies knocked me for six (the lady at the pharmacy did advise me that it might make me drowsy – drowsy?!? I was passed out for the better part of the day).  I was quite a sight yesterday, even digging in my garden early on (fixing holes where the puppy had dug for China and brought up some of our new plants) in nothing but a scruffy old bathrobe and socks – I’m amazed that Gary didn’t say anything – what a man.

Hopefully the “fumigation” did the trick and I will keep on with the allergy pills till Wednesday (and try to keep my eyes open long enough to lead a normal life till then).  The GP said we wouldn’t necessarily see results for a couple of days but I do feel less itchy on those spots, fingers crossed.

I don’t mind the rain so much (heck, I’m a South African so we’ll take the rain in this hot, dry land when we can) I’m just praying there will be no more complications or medical expenses.  *sigh*


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  1. Aaah! Uuugly but dont worry – Dan had scabies at 7 months. I was soo embarraased. Shame the poor baba was very uncomfortable. Praying very hard your path gets a bit smoother in the next few weeks – talk about faith in testing times! Thinking of you – mwah!

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