It’s been a while since I last captured my thoughts here – the reason for this is that there has been a lot on our minds and it just seemed too complicated and uncertain to put pen to paper.  But even capturing the thoughts and ramblings is important for recording our journey so here we go – our attempt to pen it all down in this short post and the post to follow (too much for one post).

We are not pursuing another round of IVF. 

The reason is not because we no longer wish to go this route, we would love to give it one more go, we do not, however, have sufficient funds to do this.  We are around R15,000.00 short for another attempt.  This is a tad too much to put onto the credit card – my poor card has wept every time I’ve pulled it out since we began this journey and I have only just recently settled these debts (we had funds set aside for the bulk of the IVF but all the smaller bits and bobs went onto my credit card which accumulated into a large amount very quickly).  The one great difficulty with IVF is the cost and toll it takes on your wallet.  Gary and I are not ones to rack up debt – we don’t even have clothing accounts or store cards.  So we’ve handed the matter over to our Lord – if He wills it, we trust that He will provide for it.  If not, we will move forward, seeking His will in a different direction.

And we are already pursuing a different direction.

‘Let the peace that comes from Christ rule in your hearts.’  Colossians 3:15


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