Whew!  What a week or two it has been!  I have three things I would like to catch up on with posts:

  1. Thanksgiving
  2. My recent trip to the hospital
  3. A meeting with friends

The 1st and 3rd points I will need to post separately, however I’ll fill you in on the 2nd point now, what a shock it was! 

This time last week, having had a headache all day and thus starting to feel somewhat nauseous, I got a green ticket from the boss to go home and rest.  By the time I swung into the driveway I grabbed my cellphone and ran to the bathroom, leaving the car in the driveway with my handbag in it and the front door of the house wide open.  Holding a bucket on my lap while ungracefully perched on the throne I was not a happy bunny.  I tried to take some nausea tablets, but no sooner had they been swallowed than they came right back up again.  After trying this twice I got nervous but was sure that this would pass.  I telephoned the hubby, he was concerned as he was due to head for Durban to write an exam for a course he’s been studying, I told him that I would be okay, I hoped.  About 60 minutes later, still in the bathroom and going both ends non stop, I telephoned my hubby to say I thought perhaps I should get to a hospital – I said I’d telephone the neighbour for help.  Robyn, my sweet neighbour, had to climb our fence to get to me (thankfully the front door was open) where she found me even more ungracefully curled up on the bathroom floor.  Being a medical person, she felt my rapid and shallow pulse and immediately prescribed a trip to the hospital – I was very relieved.

Side note: my 1-and-a-half year old labby-cross-SPCA-special pup was priceless, while I was so ill in the bathroom he got so concerned he would sniff under the door, charge out to the driveway and call and call to our neighbours, then run back to my door, sniff underneath and again charge out to the driveway and call and call.  I pointed this out to my neighbour a day or two later and she said, she wondered what he was fussing about until she got my call.  What a trooper.

Robyn rushed me to the emergency room of our local Howick Private Hospital where they diagnosed me with Viral Gastroenteritis.  My body had by this stage gone into shock and was shaking violently.  I was prescribed two nights in hospital and was hooked up to a drip and made to pop pills regularly.  I kept going with vomiting and diarrhea right through my 1st night.  On my second day in hospital the doc wanted me to stay the night and I refused, I asked what I had to do to be released, he said I would need to drink and eat more and hold it down – DONE I told him.  I upped my fluids and the bland, veggie soup from the hospital kitchen and got my ticket outta there with big instructions and precautions on how to look after myself.

Along our infertility lines, I learnt 2 interesting things in hospital.  First, the doc who attended to me is a Homeopathic Doctor.  He suggested that perhaps Gary and I meet with him in the new year to see if there is something he can assist us – in particular, he works with kinesiology.  Who knows, we may we may not go this route.  The other point of interest was an elderly lady who was in my 2nd ward (they moved me around a couple of times).  Mrs Eckles I think was her name.  Her son had married a Xhosa girl and so they had two children who were mixed-race (coloured).  This interested me greatly as adoption is an option to us and if we did adopt, it would be a child of colour.  I asked her about how the this family found the cross-cultural thing and if they experienced any discrimination – there was discrimination from a great chunk of the family which was so sad to hear and they also experienced discrimination in certain parts of South Africa.  Mrs Eckles though was so proud of her two grandchildren and kept telling me how they were the most well-adjusted children she had met in a long time.  You never know who you will meet where! 

All in all, I am mending, a tad slower than I expected but mending nonetheless.  I still can’t drink coffee but one foot in front of the other.  It’s good to be back online, I have so many thoughts I need to jot down before I forget them all.  Baby steps girl, baby steps.

A moment to catch up


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