Going Local – exploring (again) adoption options in our home town


On returning from Pretoria, my Mum insisted that I call one more person locally to find out if what we heard from a local baby home is really true and that adopting locally is as difficult for a white couple, like us, as we were told it is. 

We were hesitant to do this again – we had called a local baby home earlier this month only to be told so much negativity that we were adamant that we were not going this route.  However my Dad encouraged us to do this and I always listen to my Dad (well almost always)!  So…we called a local lady (referred to us by a colleague of my Mum’s) who is a “networker” of all things adoption/fostering.  We told her our story and she was very disappointed to hear all the negative feedback we were given by the local baby home.  She confirmed that much of what we were told is true but that it was a little OTT (over the top).  She said she would ask around and let us know what she thought best. 

The very next day she called to let us know that there was an 8 week old, black, baby girl at a safe house nearby and that we could call the house to discuss our options.  Eeek!  I nearly had heart palpitations.  I immediately called and by 5pm that afternoon we were there holding her in our arms and admiring her beautiful face.


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