Private Adoption Option – Orientation


Okay, so I am WAY overdue for an update.  Friday 18 January saw us up at 3am to make tracks for our early morning flight to Pretoria, and walking back through our front door close on 10pm that night.  What a whirlwind!  One of things I was so excited to try was the Gautrain…


It swished (literally it sounded like that, not the usual clattering sound of a train on tracks) past suburbs so quickly that within half an hour of landing at the airport we were in Hatfield, Pretoria!!!  We had a midday appointment with the Social Worker from Procare – an orientation session as they call it.

The Social Worker is a lovely lady by the name of Letitia.  She explained the whole process, costs involved and what we can expect.  It seems that on average, this form of adoption takes between 9 months to a year from the time you meet with her for orientation to the time the baby is in your arms.  It was hugely informative and exciting but also somewhat intimidating, to tell the truth.  There is sooo much work that goes into adoptions and so much paperwork to be done.  We left with a file the size of China to go through – made for good reading material on the flight back! 

While we were way excited to get the ball rolling, we did have a couple of small, niggling, concerns. The first being the cost – it is wildly expensive and while we have the backing of family and friends we still felt embarrassed to disclose the amount needed to them.  Looking through the profiles of other families who have gone this route we felt like we were rubbing shoulders with some very wealthy people, how could we compete?  Were we financially ok enough to go this route?  The other concern was that once we have baby, the mother can request photos and updates on the child over the years (all directed through the social worker I’ll grant you) and this is something I am not sure that we are comfortable with.

We needed to digest it all over the weekend.


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