Starting the Adoption Process


We struggled to say goodbye to Lindelwe so by the next day (yesterday) we had an appointment with a recommended local social worker to get the ball rolling – ASAP!  A sense of urgency abounded as another couple (two ladies) had also seen Lindelwe that day, before we met her, and were also considering fostering/adopting her.  So in a sense, the race is on.  I was panicking at the thought of this couple starting adoption procedures and we weren’t even screened as adoption parents.

We were put in touch with Annemarie (our now Social Worker), a private Social Worker who is just wonderful, a motherly but no nonsense, Christian lady who is eager to help us.  We sat in her office and told her everything, right from our visit to Procare to meeting Lindelwe.  Annemarie assured us that she is going to do everything in her power to secure little Lindelwe for us.  There are no guarantees but we are so relieved to know that someone is handling this, someone who looks to the Lord for guidance too. 

Tuesday morning I was struck by two verses in my Bible readings for the day, here they are:

Psalm 27

10 My father and mother may abandon me,
    but the Lord will take care of me.

14 Trust in the Lord.
    Have faith, do not despair.
Trust in the Lord.

Later that day when we met Lindelwe, I noticed the safe house’s logo, it is verse 10 EXACTLY – I think we are on the right road 🙂 Please pray.


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