Adoption – a bumpy start


Yesterday evening I got a call from Annemarie, our Social Worker, to advise us that Lindelwe is no where near ready for adoption or placement into our care. 

While we knew this, the concern in Annemarie’s voice had me worried.  It seems they know who the mother is and even have a cell phone number for Lindelwe’s biological father.  However, the biological parents may not want to sign Lindelwe over as yet as they could (at least the mother might) be claiming social support money from the government.  The mother apparently took Lindelwe’s birth documents from the Safe House’s file before disappearing and this is apparently a classic sign of wanting to use the document to claim money.  Signing Lindelwe over for adoption will end that access to funds.

Additionally, our social worker cannot assist in getting little Lindelwe ready for adoption as this is to be handled by either Child Welfare or by CMD (Christian Social Services).  She can only assist us in the adoption process once Lindelwe is legally declared adoptable.  Unfortunately, both of these organisations are SWAMPED with work and seem unable to take Lindelwe’s case on.  Annemarie forecasts a 6 to 9 month process 😦

I was wild with disappointment and frustration.  I ranted and raved most of the evening at this unjust system of bending over backwards to uphold the rights of a birth mother who clearly wants nothing to do with her baby and even abandoned her and is possibly defrauding the government – that should at the very least constitute child abuse!!!

I mourned for what felt alredy like the loss of Lindelwe.

In my Bible readings this morning I came across this reading and loved how it seemed to speak of Lindelwe in her Safe House:

Psalm 31: 19-20

How wonderful are the good things
    you keep for those who honor you!
Everyone knows how good you are,
    how securely you protect those who trust you.
 You hide them in the safety of your presence
    from the plots of others;
in a safe shelter you hide them
    from the insults of their enemies. 

We are praying that God keeps little Lindelwe safe in her Safe House, safe in His arms.  We are not giving up on her.

One hugely positive view of all this is that it gives us time to get onto the National Register of Adoptable Parents.  This takes weeks to arrange, it is a very lengthy process.  I think I would have been more worried if she was ready now for adoption and we weren’t at a place that we could take her.  Her not being ready for adoption also means that no one else can take her (I don’t mean this in a selfish way) – it is just that we are so taken with her we would be heartbroken if she were to go to someone else.

One beacon of hope is that Annemarie emailed us today to advise that she has secured a meeting with CMD to address this and see if there is a way to get the ball rolling towards our dream of her being available for placement in our home.  We are so grateful to have such a devoted and passionate lady on our side.

We ask continued prayers for God’s hand in all this.  For he knows the plans he has for ALL of us, plans to prosper, not to harm us. Jeremiah 29: 11.


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