Lindelwe (Lou) update


We’ve been advised not to visit little Lindelwe (or Lou as she is referred to at the Safe House) until she is adoptable.  We’ve honoured this and kept our distance.  I feel blessed though to have the owners of her Safe House keep us a somewhat updated on what’s happening with her.

We heard on Monday that she was booked for her blood tests Tuesday.  This is the biggest set of blood tests she will undergo, they determine results for a myriad of illnesses including HIV/Aids.  All of Tuesday I thought of the little tot and her tests.  It is rather an ordeal for the wee ones as the nurses draw blood from the heel which is painful and the babies cry hard.  Sometimes not enough blood can be drawn and the baby has to go back at a later stage for more.  I prayed all of this week that it went well for Lou, that they drew enough blood, that she didn’t hurt too much.  I also prayed that the results will be positive and healthy.

We are not sure when the results will come in or if we’ll even find out about them before she becomes adoptable.  Lou is our wild card you could say – we are not sure even IF she will become adoptable (her Mother or her Mother’s family may still decide to take her back).  But if she does become adoptable … we want in!  So we carry on with our screening and pray for God to guide her Social Workers.  We pray for her safety and that the Lord is doing the best he can for her.  That he will put her into the loving arms of the parents he’s chosen for her (even if this is not us).

Keep safe, little Lou, may our Lord keep you warm and snug under his wings. xx


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