I’ve recently finished reading this book and cannot recommend it more, it is top of my Book-buddy list:


Shannon and her husband, Dave, are a Christian couple that battled infertility for many years and then went the adoption route.  It is a book that reveals one woman’s heartbreak in infertility and the challenges she and her husband faced in adoption.  Although they live in America, what they went through is relevant anywhere in the world.

My Dad bought it for me some months back when we were doing IVF , it didn’t resonate with me as much then as it did now when I read it again; perhaps because a good chunk of the book is about their adoption process and Gary and I just weren’t at the adoption point yet.  That’s not to say the book didn’t impress me back then, it did indeed.  I am not sure where my Dad bought it, quite possibly at a Christian bookshop but I am sure you could get it online too. 

No matter where you are in your infertility journey this is a book to have on your nightstand and I recommend reading it more than once as you journey along.  It won’t necessarily give you hope and it doesn’t promise miracles from God.  But what it does give you is a sense of sisterhood-in-infetility.  It will give you the knowledge that what you feel – the anger, hurt, disappointment with God – is not crazy and unreasonable, what you feel is important, understandable and what we all, who are on this rollercoaster ride, feel to similar degrees.

Happy reading!


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