A chance encounter


Sunday saw a wonderful chance encounter for us. 

We went to our local grocery store to pick up some supplies for our depleted pantry and no sooner had we hit the bakery when we spotted a man with a pram with a gorgeous, little, lass inside.  It had to be an adoption (we reckoned) as he was white and the wee tot was either coloured or black.  We both stared for a reasonable amount of time (before risking appearing psychotic) and then Gary and I smiled a smile of “maybe one day” to each other.  We had just turned our attention back to the bakery counter when we heard a shout of “Daddy, Daddy”, so we whipped back around and saw the most wonderful display of bouncing brown curls on a little girl running towards the man-with-a-pram.  My heart did flick-flacks as she was so adorable – she was coloured and entirely edible, I swear.

I couldn’t keep my eyes off of them.  Every isle we sailed down had us passing by them and they must have thought me crazy, staring at their wee lasses at every turn.  Eventually, I decided we had to ask, so I approached them to ask if they had adopted and through who. To our delight they were more than happy to share and we discovered that although their eldest was adopted through a private organisation in Johannesburg, their tiny-pram-bound-tot was through the local Child Welfare.  Even more delightful was the discovery that their Social Worker for the adoption was our Social Worker …. AND … this Mommy is the Director of the local Child Welfare!!!

Turns out, they are battling to find adoptive parents for the babies at Child Welfare and there are a couple of babies (she suspects 3) that are adoptable at present – well I began waving my arms in the air like a real crazed Momma say “here we are! Pick us! Pick us!”  Thankfully they laughed and agreed to help.  They suggested our Social Worker contact them and we’ll go from there.


So, we’ve given the message to our Social Worker and wait with baited breath.  We have only one more screening appointment and then we’ll, hopefully, be approved as Adoptive Parents opening the door to adoption.  This is the first time in quite some weeks where we feel hope, especially after the negative responses we’ve had from the agency handling little Lou (Lindelwe).

So, as always, we simply trust and obey our Lord and hope that meeting this fab couple was a God-incidence and not a dead-end coincidence.


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  1. Hi my Boo and Gary, I have just been catching up on all your entries over the last while and whew you have been through a whole bunch emotionally!!! We are so proud of you both in the way you are coping with all the ups and downs. I am sad about little Lindelwa, but I know that our Lord and Saviour has much in store for you both. Just trust Him and obey Him, for there is no other way. Lots of love, Mum

  2. I am quite sure your meeting with that couple was a God-incidence and that He still has plans for you as a couple and as parents. Saturday will be an important day and you’ll be in my prayers. God bless you both! Dad

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