Lindelwe (Lou) – letting go


Last week, I contacted the agency handling little Lou’s (Lindelwe) adoption procedures.  I wanted to inform them that we had 2 screening sessions left and then we would be approved (hopefully) as adoptive parents.  I wanted to ask what they would need from our Social Worker in order consider us as parents for Lou, as and when she becomes adoptable. 

I had barely said “hi” when I was interrupted and told to rather be in contact with head office (I had phoned their local social worker who is directly handling Lou’s file).  I sensed that this was not a good sign.  I replied that I had been in touch with the Cape Town office and not heard much back.  I apologised for calling her, said I didn’t realise I had to go through Head Office and explained (very quickly) where we were at in our screening and our desire to still pursue Lou.  I can’t recall very well what her response was but it was not great, beating round the bush and always suggesting we speak to Head Office.  I do recall her saying that because we haven’t been screened by her she doesn’t know us so would need some kind of report from our Social Worker but really we should have been screened by them.  In chatting to our Social Worker about this it seems that they are earmarking their own lists of adoptive parents over us and we are really doubtful that they will consider us.  At every turn, it feels as if they are trying to put us off 😦

I hate uncomfortable situations like that – I wanted to scream down the telephone line that we are a great couple, a healthy, happy, Christian couple who will provide a great home to this child!  Instead I simply said sweetly “ok” at the appropriate moments and “goodbye” at the end of the call (which did not last long). 

So for now, we feel we must let go of this child.  I still dream about that sweet face and just pray that the Lord has a glorious future lined up for her.  If for no other reason, I met her to pray for her.


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  1. As doors close others will open – in God’s time and that’s the difficult part. Just think how much patience you will have learned when your baba eventually arrives!

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