We’re adopting!!!


Angels are serenading us it dawns on us that we’re about to become a Daddy and Mommy!  Yip, we’ve found our little lass and have started the process of adoption.  Her given name is Grace (a name we will keep).  She’s 7 months old (yesterday was her month-a-birthday), robust and healthy and with a smile the size of Africa 🙂

We met her on Saturday.  On Thursday we had a call from our Social Worker to say that our chance encounter had yielded an appointment to meet two adoptable babies at a safe house nearby.  We were thrilled and keen to let everyone know but we were also hesitant to do this as we knew it could also possibly turn out to be disappointing.  So instead, we waited the two days out before our appointment, before telling everyone, we only told our immediate family and friends.

Saturday dawned and I honestly couldn’t make simple decisions.  I second guessed all my choices on what to wear and more, thinking it may affect the way the babies responded to me.  For instance, what should I wear?  It must be casual – jeans, and cheerful – pink scarf – check.  How much perfume to apply?  It must be just a drop instead of the usual misting, nothing too overpowering – check.  What jewellery or do I go without – babies love to pull on necklaces so maybe just earrings and a ring – check.  What scent of body lotion should I put on – I opted for vanilla for a home baked Mommy smell – check.  It’s crazy what went through my head but I guess it helped me know that I did my best.

While driving there I told Gary how I had prayed that IF one of these babies was for us, that something in her name would tell us – perhaps her name would start with an M so that it could team up with Molly as a middle name.  What I did not expect was God to entertain this silly hope of mine… Grace was a name we had chosen almost 5 years ago as a middle name for our future baby.  I swear my heart skipped a beat when they introduced Grace.

The other wee baba was Okuhle.  A cute 6 month old with sad eyes, we just knew she was not our little tot.  I held both Okuhle and Grace, and a couple other babas that clambered onto my lap.  But we only had eyes for Grace.  Grace is a happy baby.  She has BIG eyes and smile that reaches your soul.  You just look at her and she graces you with a smile.  When she smiles, nothing else matters.  She took to Gary like a fish to water, even serenading him on his lap.  She’s bright too, copying me when I tapped her with one finger (she tapped me back with one of her fingers) and when I clapped her feet together, she did it on her own afterwards – making me so proud already.

We tried hard to sleep on the decision of whether or not she was for us, but to be honest, I think we’d made up our minds to adopt her the moment we put her down to walk out the door.  We couldn’t wait till Monday to let our Social Worker know our decision – we sms-ed her on Sunday! 

It appears that all should go smoothly as Grace is fully adoptable, i.e. no birth-mom to change her mind and no same-race family to adopt her – this is a huge weight off our minds!  Our Social Worker is aiming to have Grace with us by the first week of April, two weeks’ time.  So I’ve given notice to my work and they seem happy to oblige me with a standard 3 month maternity.  It’s been a whirlwind since we met Grace – the future grandparents are planning shopping sprees for the new granddaughter, our church gave thanks on Sunday and prayed blessings over us, and my work has already started a collection for us!

We’re revelling in the madness – we have two weeks to get all in order – mostly we’d like to get the nursery set-up and get as much sleep as possible!  We’re praying the adoption paperwork is easy and that the process is quick – Grace will effectively be in our foster care pending adoption which can take a few weeks or months (not sure really).  We’re simply focusing right now on giving huge thanks and praise to our Lord above – along with buying diapers and other necessities 🙂


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  1. Dad and I had a wonderful time on Saturday shopping for lovely bright items of clothing for Grace. Both of us are very excited about welcoming her into our family so you can expect us to be with you at that time!

    • Oh Sian, God is great and YOU and Gary are so deserving of this wondrous miracle at finding Grace. Such an apt name too! I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am for you both. I need to go on a HUGE shopping trip too. Will call you during the week to find out what you need. All I know is Grace will never lack love, commitment and care. Hopefully I can meet her soon. A new journey has begun for you, a journey God knew you needed. Blessed my friend we are in HIS grace. Sending you the biggest love and hug and plenty of rest. Lotsa love, Me xxxx

  2. Hi Sian!
    It has been over a year since we last chatted, but hopefully you still remember me. Anyway, I just wanted to say I’ve been following your blog (we too are battling to fall pregnant) and I’m DELIGHTED with the news of Grace finding a home with you! Enjoy every minute of this precious journey & I hope I get to meet Grace one day.

    • Hey Sharon, just catching up now on comments. LOVELY to hear from you. It is quite a journey – infertility and the adoption option. But you just follow you heart and where the Spirit leads and have peace knowing you’re doing right!

  3. Sian and Gary – tears running down my cheeks – tears of sheer happiness ! That is just the most beautiful blog entries I have ever ever read…. Grace – what a beautiful name…. and I know she is a very very lucky girl. God could not have given her 2 more fantastic parents – and from the sounds of things she is already being spoiled rotten by Granny and Grandpa 😉
    Although I am her second cousin I consider myself as her Great Aunt… somehow that feels good.
    Welcome to this crazy crazy family Grace. We may be a crazy family but this is a family filled with love – in every shape and form. I can’t wait to meet you. XXXX

  4. Sian – I am so amazed at how everything unfolds. Once again just reminding me of Romans 8:28 – one of my favourite scriptures that promises that ALL things are worked together for good. Sally has just forwarded me some pics of beautiful Grace – big happy smiles and what a beautiful baby! I just know that this child is going to bring you more happiness than you thought possible, just as she will know what an incredible gift you are as her parents. Can’t wait to meet her Sian – please let us know when we can come and visit. Much love to you both!

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