Well, I’m off!

There were times where I didn’t believe I would be able to say that I am going on maternity.  Today is the glorious day that I put my Out of Office auto assistant on my emails and my telephone at work and am heading off.

It’s confirmed.  We collect our wee Grace on Tuesday morning and head for court at 10am to change legal guardianship from the Safe House to us.  The whole adoption process follows in the months thereafter and hopefully soon she will be a McDowell.

We aren’t hooked up to the internet at home so I will try log on at an Internet Cafe from time to time to give you pics of our precious tot and to update you along the way of our first 3 months with her.

God is GRACIOUS!  And we can’t wait to experience His Grace in person.



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  1. Hi Gary & Sian. I haven’t posted on here before but wish you both well and may the journey be a happy one from here on.

    • Hey there. Thanks so much, it was a good leave time with our wee lass! We cannot believe how much she’s grown in that time. Thanks for your support. Sian and Gary.

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