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Turning 1, Gracefully


Our baby girl is 1 today!

In her birthday suit :)

In her birthday suit 🙂

And JUST in time she started crawling – properly!  She’s been wriggling about for weeks now but yesterday took her first proper crawl-steps and isn’t looking back.  She’s also “growing” three teeth at the moment and is doing it so gracefully – no side effects apart from being a tad more niggly (which is still mild so we are blessed).

Tomorrow is her big celebration brunch at home with 20 of our closest family and friends.  The theme for her party is “Beads & Bling” as the lass sure can spot a bauble a mile away.

“Happy birthday, our precious tot!  While you get prezzies from family and friends, know that you are the most precious gift to your Mama and Dada.  We love you to the moon and back xx”

Mooning allowed.

Mooning allowed.