We’re Gary & Sian.

Living in the picturesque Midlands of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, we’re just a regular couple trying to do the regular couple stuff – like having a baby!

 We were married on a glorious autumn day in 2008.  Marrying slightly later in life (I was 30 and he was 36) was a sweet thing – we were both mature enough to know what we were promising on that blessed day.  What we didn’t totally foresee was the 1 downside to marrying a wee bit later – getting pregnant gets harder each year that passes by.

Our glorious wedding night

This blog is our memory bank or journal of the rollercoaster ride of our infertility journey and desire to parent.  We underwent a number of infertility procedures (IVF, surrogacy, alternative treatments/homeopathy, regular fertility drugs) and then chose the adoption option.

And Molly?  Just a sweet baby name we cherished.

There are a myriad of roads and treatments available to an infertile couple, most of which we have tried.  However, at the end of the day, we are a Christian, God-loving, couple.  We know that it is the Lord who decides where and when and how.  So we follow His lead, dancing in His abundant mercy and strength and we waited…for His glory to be revealed in all of this.  It is after all, ALL FOR HIS GLORY!

“For it is God who is at work within you, giving you the will and the power to achieve His purpose.” Phil 2:13.

On April 2, 2013 we took home our first child, our precious baby girl, Grace Khethiwe McDowell.  Adoption is one option, and it was the option God lead us to and we have not regretted it for one moment!

Madiba Moment 14 Jul 2013_3

If you are going through something similar (or different) and would like to chat or ask questions about any of what we’ve been through, feel free to drop us an email on sian.mcdowell@gmail.com

God bless x


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  1. Love your scripture you guys and I am so looking forward to seeing the road of many miracles that lie before you. There is another version of that scripture that says “For it is God who works in you both to will and to do for his good pleasure”. (I can’t figure out how to bold “for His good pleasure”) His pleasure is to see you blessed with another gift of a baby. We serve a good God who loves to give good gifts. Can’t wait to meet Molly….

  2. Read and re-read and re-read. All I can say…. lots and lots of love. I truly felt excited this morning…… good things are going to happen I just know. Thinking of you so much. XXXX

    • Thanks Vic – it is getting exciting now with the start of my drugs day after tomorrow. It’s becoming more and more a reality now. I love your positive energy – so needed that boost today 🙂 Lots of love to you guys.

  3. Nothing about having, or raising children is a ‘WALK INTHE PARK” unless you understand the dog is bound to chase after the squirrel, (or cat) bolting the leash right out of your carful grip, and in so doing bumping a poor unsuspecting person into a foul smelling puddle, while all the time you get to “pick up pieces”….if you think that what taking a walk in the park is, then yip you got it!

    Funnily enough God also tuned our brain to remember these “humiliating, frustrating, and unsuspected moments the best of all! We look back they make us laugh, cry, and feel. It all reminds us that earth is a place that is far removed from perfection! We long for the complete perfection of heaven and the serenity and peace of not having to strive, battle and sometimes fall.
    Gods patient words to us like a loving father draws us to curl up on his lap, and enjoy his caress, His words of comfort and his Love means that we can again say: “Ït is well with my soul”. He Does work work all for the good for those who love Him.

    We look forward to the next step of the journey, we serve an Awesome, loving, good God for whom NOTHING is impossible!
    Bless you guys,oodles and woodles!

    • Hi guys, lovely to have you on this blog! Thank you “oodles and woodles” for your love and support, it means a great deal to us. God is just so wonderful how he places people in our lives to our lives richer – you are the most fantastic neighbours and we are blessed by your friendship. I just love how you compare raising kiddos to raising pets – we look forward to the chaos of kiddos, our 3 dogs and 2 cats have given us a glimps into what awaits and we’re ready to muck-in, boots and all. Much love and God bless.

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