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But the drugs like me …


There’s that really cool song “I don’t like the drugs but the drugs like me”

… sung by my hubby.  Just kiddin, it’s a song by Marilyn Manson but my hubby can be caught singing it around the house (he has a goth side to him – I should actually post some pics of him with his long black hair in his early 20’s, he was way cool!).  If you can’t recall the song, take a listen here (although you may wanna rather listen than look at the video – Marilyn is notoriously controversial with his image):

Anyhoo, back to the subject at hand – this song seems to me to be a good theme song for IVF.   And today I am back on the drugs.  A new chapter starts with my new companion, known as Postoval. 

 As mentioned in a previous post, the doc has prescribed a somewhat different IVF procedure this time around and thankfully it involves less needle-type-drugs.  These babies are pill-popping-type-drugs and boy does that make me happy.  As you’ll perhaps recall, the needle-type-drugs can result in some nasty side-effects, as pictured here from our last round of IVF –

That’s what I referred to as a lummy on my tummy.  This time round, my drugs look like this –

Candy-coated drugs – my favourite!  They’re similar to The Pill that many women take to regulate their cycles, these however are more aimed at women who’s ovarian functions are failing – like me.  Don’t ask me what it does in detail as I try not to read-up too much on my drugs just in case I get caught up in the side-effects and start imagining those side-effects  – you should see the list of side-effects these fertility drugs have!  These little pills are not nearly as intimidating as the needles I used to pop each day and so I am sure the side-effects won’t be as intimidating either. 

The next step will be to see the doc on day 10 – Friday 7 September.  So here’s to this new chapter, the start of renewed hope, accompanied by my friendly candy-coated pills of promise.