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First scan = first photo of the babas


As promised a week ago (gasp?!?! – I know, it is way overdue) here is our first ultrasound scan of the two wee blastocysts (aka babas) they implanted into my uterus on 23 July 2012.

Ok, so some guidance in actually making out what is what is probably required.  There are three things to notice.

1.  Within the white-ish area of the scan, check out the dark, winged, bat-shape void towards the top of the white-ish area – that is my uterus, in fact the wings either side are the fallopian tubes (cool hey?!).  Call me Bat-Girl 🙂

2. Notice that grain of rice in the middle of my bat-shaped uterus?  That my friends is them … well technically it is the tiny bubble of liquid that holds the two tiny baba-blastocysts for transport into my uterus.  So, within that bubble of liquid are the two wee chaps (not that you can make THEM out specifically).

3. And lastly, notice the fine white line running down the pic from the grain of rice?  That is the catheter that they inserted to push the bubble of babas up into my uterus.  Way cool!

All in all, this pic shows two wee babas were indeed popped into my womb.  We have this pic up on our fridge at home and it gives us such hope.  The quality is brilliant and the miracle of it all is truly amazing.

It may well also be our first baba(s) photo for the family album.